Media highlights: reports of sexual abuse by Canadian peacekeepers in Haiti

In March 2016, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon released his annual Special Measures report on protection from sexual exploitation and abuse. For the first time, the report 'named and shamed' countries whose military and police peacekeepers had allegations reported against them. In July 2016, Canadian media reported new details regarding allegations against UN peacekeepers from Quebec allegedly involved in sexual exploitation and abuse in Haiti, dating back to 2013. 

A selection of media highlights, including interviews with AIDS-Free World co-Director Paula Donovan, is below: 

CBC News: 'The National'
By Alison Northcott
July 28, 2016
Quebec police retire before hearings over alleged sexual misconduct in Haiti (Featuring an interview with Paula Donovan)

CBC News
By Benjamin Shingler
July 29, 2016
Haiti case points to loopholes allowing cops to avoid disciplinary action

CJAD Radio
Barry Morgan Show
July 29, 2016
Criticism against SQ officers in Haiti (Featuring Paula Donovan)

CTV News
By Jeff Lagerquist
July 30, 2016
Canadian cops retire ahead of Haiti sexual misconduct hearing (Featuring Paula Donovan)

National Post
By Graeme Hamilton
July 28, 2016
Quebec police officers retire to escape hearings into alleged sexual misconduct in Haiti  (Featuring Paula Donovan)

Toronto Star
By Alex Boutilier and Kathleen Davis
July 30, 2016
Ottawa may help alleged victims of UN peacekeepers (Featuring Paula Donovan)

Toronto Star
August 1, 2016
Stop sex assaults (Op-ed)


(UN Photo / Logan Abassi)