What You Can Do To Stop The Oxfam Abuse Scandal From Happening Again

SOURCE: NPR, WBEZ Chicaco 'Worldview'
By Anna Waters and Jerome McDonnell
March 7, 2018


Last month, an investigation by The Times newspaper in London alleged that senior Oxfam employees paid for sex in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. Similar allegations were levied against International Red Cross aid workers. A former Save the Children executive was forced to resign from UNICEF for sexual abuse within the workplace. Activists say these allegations are indicative of a systematic problem: international aid workers often exploit and abuse the very groups they are meant to help. 

Paula Donovan of the Code Blue Campaign, which aims to end impunity for sexual exploitation and abuse by U.N. personnel, joins us to discuss the impact of the revelations within the larger context of international development aid and whether or not it’s possible to pressure change through applied ethical donations.


(Photo: FCO)