Number of Burundians in UN Peacekeeping

As of 31 March 2019, of 766 Burundian UN peacekeepers, 761 are deployed in MINUSCA, the UN Mission in the Central African Republic (740 troops, 12 staff officers, and 9 experts on mission).

Of the remaining five Burundian UN peacekeepers:

o   two staff officers are with MINUSMA, the UN Mission in Mali;

o   two experts on mission are with UNISFA in the Abyei region, a contested area between Sudan and South Sudan; and

o   one police officer is with the United Nations Mission to support the Hodeidah Agreement (Yemen) - a special political mission.

Amount the United Nations pays to the Government of Burundi

As of July 2018, the UN pays USD 1,428 per month for each soldier (troop) provided by a troop-contributing country to a peacekeeping mission, a rate set by the UN General Assembly. The UN delivers the money not to the soldier but to the troop-contributing country.

The UN, then, pays Burundi $1,056,720 a month for its 740 troops, which amounts to $12,680,640 a year.

Accusations lodged against Burundian peacekeepers

A total of 46 Burundian peacekeepers have been accused since 2015 of committing child rape, sexual activity with a minor, sexual assault of an adult, or rape of an adult, according to the UN's Conduct and Discipline database. None of the 46 has been punished. The alleged victims include 50 children, 26 adults, and five individuals of unknown age.

UN Photo / Martine Perret