We are seeking a consultant familiar with the mobile app design/development process and market to undertake research as per the deliverables outlined below.

The research will inform Code Blue’s plans to implement the CAVIA project, which will feature an android-compatible mobile app to record insights, stories, testimonials, and perceptions on UN peacekeeping and sexual exploitation and abuse by UN peacekeeping personnel. The CAVIA app will utilize voice-interviewing to capture the first-hand experiences, opinions, and insights of people who have lived or are currently living in communities to which UN peacekeepers have been deployed, designed for participants with limited literacy and living in remote areas.

Please send expressions of interest by 30 May 2019 (or sooner) to Kaila Mintz, Code Blue Campaign Coordinator: kmintz@aidsfreeworld.org.

Specific deliverables of the consultancy will include:

1. Producing a report on the existence (or lack thereof) of existing apps that meet the requirements of the CAVIA project.

2. Producing a report on the availability (or lack thereof) of existing apps that meet the requirements of some of the functions of the proposed CAVIA app.

3. Producing a list of businesses or vendors that would be best suited to designing and developing the CAVIA app, including descriptions of each and the pros and cons of working with each.

4. Producing a register of potential university partners that might be willing and able to collaborate with the Code Blue Campaign on the development of the CAVIA app and on designing the implementation of the project.