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Part Three of Code Blue’s Overview series.

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In the Special Measures report that outlined his New Approach, Secretary-General António Guterres pledged “to restore our personal connections with and empathy towards victims of these heinous crimes” and vowed “to provide victims a platform for their voice that the world will not be able to ignore.” Further, he said he would "meet personally with victims to hear from them directly." He promised to “let these survivors know that their protection is our priority and that going forward, the United Nations will be at their side to support them as they go through the healing process and rebuild their lives.”

During a visit to the Central African Republic in October 2017, the UN announced that Mr. Guterres met with an unspecified number of victims, although no details were forthcoming. No other meetings between the Secretary-General and victims have been reported.

The Code Blue Campaign has advocated on behalf of three victims who have each written lengthy personal letters, reminding Mr. Guterres of his public promise and appealing for a meeting with him, at his convenience. Through his staff, Mr. Guterres rejected two of the three requests. The third victim received an acknowledgment from the Secretary-General, who, however, did not address the victim’s request to meet. 

"I know that you are very busy, but this is my top priority, nothing else in my life can proceed until this matter is settled, so I will make myself available wherever and whenever you will meet with me," wrote one of the victims whose request was denied, Prashanti Tiwari, in an August 2018 letter. 

Mr. Guterres visited India in October 2018 but did not make contact with Ms. Tiwari.