Code Blue brings together campaigners and supporters around the world, convening experts on sexual violence, international law and human rights—those with long experience on these issues, as well as newcomers. Get in touch to share your work with us.

Together, we are advocating with governments; engaging international regional bodies and UN Special Rapporteurs; and pressing the Security Council, including the Permanent Five members. We will, in total, canvass every member of the General Assembly.

Campaigners are enlisting the legions of knowledgeable, devoted UN personnel who are committed to making their organization as effective and accountable as possible.

Through Code Blue, we are collecting the views and declarations of civilian populations who have the most to gain from a revived, strengthened, and responsive UN peacekeeping system. The mobilization of civil society is indispensable to the campaign’s success. At its centre will be people whose countries have descended into conflict, and who deserve protection, not abuse.


Get involved

 Supporters are invited to join, individually or organizationally, as members of the Code Blue campaign. Kindly submit your contact information to begin receiving updates, and to join other campaigners in contributing ideas and approaches, both broad and specific. What follows is a preview of activities that Code Blue campaigners around the world are and will undertake in the upcoming weeks and months: 

  • Writing letters to Ambassadors to the UN and their governments on the need to implement Code Blue’s proposal for an independent Special Court Mechanism
  • Contributing ideas about upcoming events and opportunities to raise the campaign’s goals with target audiences and the broader public
  • Inviting suggestions from key individuals within governments, the UN and other influential circles
  • Gathering information and documentation about incidents of sexual exploitation and abuse that were reported but never addressed by the UN or its Member States
  • Initiating reports of developments from within peacekeeping operations
  • Stimulating public commentary from experts and opinion-leaders
  • Prompting original research and informed analysis from the academic and legal communities
  • Participating in social media campaigns 

Code Blue members recognize the valiant work of so many others on this issue. From whistleblowers to advocates for peace and security to artisans in the battle against sexual violence, a coalition has been formed to which we now add our voice. We think this cause can be won. And we believe that if all of us come together, we can cut through the miasma of subterfuge, manipulation and damage control to finally slay the dragon of sexual exploitation and abuse committed by UN peacekeepers. It’s an attainable goal. It just needs numbers and determination.